“It speaks volumes when the “After School Program” is such a highlight in our children’s day! You’ve placed variety, structure, support, and genuine concern …a safe haven. Please know your daily attributes have not gone unnoticed… wonderful! Many Thanks!”

“Lots of good things were said about your work with outdoor play today when Peter presented to Licensing and Early Childhood”

Licensing officer

Dept of Community Services NS

“I just need you to know how impressed we are with you (Director),your staff and centre. You help make a somewhat traumatic experience (going to preschool for the first time) such a positive experience. Our son will truly miss Preschool but we are lucky to be back in a few years with our next child!”

“It is so wonderful to go to work each day and know that our child is in such great hands.”

“Florence… Elmwood has been like a “second” home for our girls – a fantastic preschool which has enriched both our girls with the proper “building blocks” to prepare them for school. Thank you for giving us Elmwood!”

“Our daughter has had such a positive experience at Elmwood. We are so proud and pleased with the progress she has made. You should be so proud of your organization-it is by far a great Preschool Program that I will highly recommend to friends and neighbours!”

“ Your staff have been such an important part of our life and really helped form a our daughter into the very special girl that she is .The values you hold are truly admirable and truly make for a better world. These precious children are our future and you play such an important role in this. We just can’t thank you enough for helping us when we couldn’t find our way and instilling faith in us that we would get through it! Your staff are the best of the best and we feel we have been the lucky ones to have had them a part of our lives. Keep up the great work!”


As Early Childhood Educators, We look forward to providing you with a quality early learning program!

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