Our Programs

Daily Routine
Greet children/Hand washing on arrival
Uninterrupted free play (child and adult-initiated play)
Tidy up/Hand washing
Snack Time
Uninterrupted outdoor play (child and adult-initiated play)
Group Time: Songs, Stories & Games
Hand washing/Prepare for lunch
Clean up from lunch/settle children
Rest Time
Toileting/Quite activities as children wake
Tidy up/Wash hands
Snack Time
Uninterrupted outdoor play (child and adult-initiated play)
Undress from outdoors/Wash hands
Uninterrupted free play (child and adult-initiated play)
Departures/Prepare for next day


Our educator’s implement Capable, Confident, and Curious: Nova Scotia’s Early Learning Curriculum Framework.

The framework is based on the concept of the Image of the Child which says that everyone’s personal Image of the Child is influenced by their own experiences, biases, and knowledge.

This framework’s Image of the Child sees children as curious, creative, full of potential, capable, and confident. It values and honours children for who they are today, and for who they will become. It also values how all children’s families, cultures, and communities influence on and contributions to children’s learning and development.

The programs and our educators who provide them, encourage children’s learning and collectively contribute to their emotional, social, cognitive, linguistic, and physical development.

When you enrol in our Program , you will be required to fill out:

  • A Registration Form
  • Childs Health Questionnaire
  • Childs information Form
  • Consent form for Emergencies,
  • Consent form Outings
  • Consent forms Photos
  • Consent form for Closed Facebook site
  • Parent Handbook Confirmation Form

The Executive Director or Designate will review our Parent Handbook with you and set up an orientation schedule for your child/children.

Parents will be asked to sign a form for their child file stating that the Parent Handbook was reviewed with them.

All forms need to be filled out and completed before your child/children start at the centre. Due to licensing regulations, no child can start until immunization dates are included in the file.


As Early Childhood Educators, We look forward to providing you with a quality early learning program!

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